Kenny Thomas

Artist Statistics

Below are the number of appearances made, sorted by the most popular types of performance. Repeat performances are not counted, unless stated otherwise.

Artist Appearances

Episode Performance
02/09/1993 Trippin’ On Your Love
Live Performance

15/07/1993 Stay
Live Performance

08/07/1993 Stay
Top 40 Breaker Clip

06/02/1992 Thinking About Your Love
Music Video

Christmas 1991 Thinking About Your Love
Live Performance

24/10/1991 Something Special
Live Performance

03/10/1991 Best Of You
Live Performance

20/06/1991 Thinking About Your Love
Studio Performance

06/06/1991 Thinking About Your Love
Studio Performance

21/02/1991 Outstanding
Studio Performance

07/02/1991 Outstanding
Studio Performance


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