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Here you will find information on every episode of Top of the Pops broadcast, from 1964 to 2016.

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The 1960s

A legend is born. The decade it all began, the swinging sixties.


The 1970s

Colour TV. Television Centre. Highest ever viewing figures, and a 'Whole Lotta Love'.


The 1980s

Cassettes. CDs. Shoulderpads. Neon, and a non-stop party atmosphere.


The 1990s

Live performances, and the rise of brit pop, girl groups, & boy bands.


The 2000s

Digital downloads, spin off shows, and the beginning of the end...


The 2010s

Gone but never forgotton, as the Christmas specials continue.


The 2020s

Over a decade since the show's cancellation, the annual festive specials continue.

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