Junior Campbell

Junior Campbell

William Campbell, born in Glasgow, Scotland, 31 May 1947, was more well known by his stage name, Junior Campbell. He was responsible for composing the theme for "TUGS", "Magic Adventures of Mumfie" and "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" from 1984 until 2003. He was also a keyboard player and songwriter with the 1960s and 70s UK group "Marmalade". Read more on Last.fm


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Episode Performance
22/06/1973 Sweet Illusion
Mimed Performance
08/06/1973 Sweet Illusion
Played Over The Charts
25/05/1973 Sweet Illusion
Mimed Performance
02/11/1972 Hallelujah Freedom
Mimed Performance
19/10/1972 Hallelujah Freedom
Mimed Performance
28/09/1972 Hallelujah Freedom
Mimed Performance


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