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What I have tried to do is to preserve as many aspects of Top of the Pops for future generations with the TOTP Archive. Below you will find a mish mash of content taken either from the official Top of the Pops website before it was decommisioned in 2007, or numerous items which tell the story of Top of the Pops and this, the Top of the Pops Archive.

60th Anniversary

Top of the Pops is 60! We remember some of the best moments from the past six decades.


Check out all of the TOTP: The Story of... documentaries that have aired from 2011 to 2023.

About BBC TOTP Online.

Check out the different versions of the original BBC TOTP website.

About Top of the Pops Archive.

Check out the phases of development of this website, The unofficial Top of the Pops archive.

Annuals & Books.

Check out further information about the Top of the Pops annuals and books released over the years.