Kenny Thomas

Kenny Thomas

Music fashions may ebb and flow, but great voices never go out of style. Which is why it's time for a new celebration of one of the best vocalists ever heard in British soul music, Kenny Thomas. Just as word of mouth on the UKs R&B underground brought Kenny to prominence in the first place, prompting his huge single and album success in the first half of the 1990s, so his overdue return to the scene owes everything to the undeniable power of the soul grapevine. Read more on


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Artist Appearances

Episode Performance
02/09/1993 Trippin' On Your Love
Live Performance
15/07/1993 Stay
Live Performance
08/07/1993 Stay
Top 40 Breaker Clip
06/02/1992 Thinking About Your Love
Music Video
Christmas 1991 Thinking About Your Love
Live Performance
24/10/1991 Something Special
Live Performance
03/10/1991 Best Of You
Live Performance
20/06/1991 Thinking About Your Love
Mimed Performance
06/06/1991 Thinking About Your Love
Mimed Performance
21/02/1991 Outstanding
Mimed Performance
07/02/1991 Outstanding
Mimed Performance


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