Latino Rave

Latino Rave

To promote the releases of both Deep Heat 1989 ~ Fight the Flame and Deep Heat 6 ~ The Sixth Sense, Telstar released Megamixes under the guise Latino Rave on 7" and 12" vinyl, and CD single, each featuring the biggest dance hits from each album. Latino Rave - Deep Heat '89 (12/89. #12. 11 wks) This Megamix consisted of original excerpts of the following tracks; Pump up the Jam by Technotronic; Stakker Humanoid by Stakker; A Day in the Life by Black Riot; Work it to the Bone by LNR Read more on


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04/01/1990 Deep Heat '89
Music Video
14/12/1989 Deep Heat '89
Music Video
07/12/1989 Deep Heat '89
Top 40 Breaker Clip


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